Aarhus Vocal Festival (Dänemark)

Auch mit 20 ist man nicht zu alt für neue Herausforderungen: Die JazzVocals werden zum ersten Mal an einem internationalen Wettbewerb teilnehmen! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir für die Finalrunde des Chorwettbewerbes beim Aarhus Vocal Festival in Dänemark zugelassen sind und sind jetzt schon ganz schön aufgeregt.

Dear JazzVocals!

Thank you very much for your participation in the AAVF competition 2011. Here are some comments from the jury!

A very fine program. They use the stage very well. Impressive that they did it without a conductor. However, we felt that with their conductor present, they would have been able to make a more dynamic
program. The soloists in „Galaxies“ were very good. We would like to hear a lot more variation in terms of Klang and dynamics. When it comes to rhythm, the singers need to establish a grounded sense of the relation between pulse and subdivisions.

Piece of advice: let singers take turns being the „focus person“ while the other singers follow the focus person. This type of exercises is very efficient for increasing awareness of rhythm, intonation and blend.
Have a great summer!

The AAVF team

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